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    Boise Real estate listing agent methods


    Listing home your home with Brett Hughes







     Listing marketing and selling homes is Boise Premier Real Estate’s main advantage!  We have created the systems to syndicate a listing to over 500 websites.

    In today’s world, Exposure and Marketing are two of the most important elements in selling Real Estate. In fact, the old methods do not work very well. The MLS, a sign in the yard, and color brochures are simply not enough in today’s marketplace!

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    Whats the difference between Boise Premier and everyone else?

    1. Complete analysis of the property – finding the true value, evaluating your needs and wants, discussion with lawyer or cpa
    2. Preparation for listing -  repairs, staging, professional photography
    3. Discuss Special marketing -  professional video (in addition to a standard virtual tour)
    4. Creating the “BUZZ” -  7 day “coming soon” period, call capture, broker email, coming soon flyers
    5. Release to the general market -

     By hiring Brett Hughes and Boise Premier Real Estate you have also hired a full time staff that each has an important duty to service you and your listing.  We have Diane Lindenfelser who physically posts your home to craigslist and other sites multiple times a week, tracks the analytics  views and comments buyers may have.  She also produces flyers and handles the documents and disclosures.   Buyers agent director who handles all the call capture callers and follows up with their questions as well as schedules open houses with Boise Premier agents as much or as little as you desire.  Web designers who specializing in search engine optimization and driving traffic to our website he is very impressive.  Our Boise Premier agents also will use your home to feature in magazines, online ads and post card campaigns.


    Brett Hughes of Boise Premier Real Estate hosting Boise Cribs episode number 2.

    You need a multi-media marketing system that delivers wide dissemination, tens of thousand of impressions, and exposure on literally 400+ online portals to make sure potential Buyers are being reached.

     How important is Internet Marketing? If over 90% of home buyers see the home they are buying on the internet before they see it in person, and the average American spends over two hours a day on the internet or their smartphone, how important would you say it is?

    Boise Premier Real Estate specializes in Powered Internet Marketing that most people don’t know about…and very few agents use.

    We know that to market a property you have to be on the most web sites possible. We have partnered with Realtor.com, TruliaHomes.com to place our properties on sites like Zillow, Google, Yahoo, Front Door, Hot Pads, Bing, Vast, Overstock, HomeFinder, PropBot, Craigslist, MSN, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc. Through these portals and other technologies, your property spiders out to hundreds of additional websites.

    The web and social media has transformed the rules of marketing and PR. Unfortunately, traditional agents have not transformed their approach and marketing to make the most of the web-enabled marketplace.  Traditional agents continue to rely solely on the MLS, which means they are waiting for a buyer to find them. We go to where the buyers are!

    You need a Marketing Group to power your Real Estate company.

    We are happy to provide a Digital Listing Presentation over the internet for our out-of-state clients.