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  • Free Boise Area Relocation Package – World Famous

    Everyone wants a relocation kit of the Boise, Meridian and Eagle Idaho area especially one that is so over-the-top as this one.  Each kit has a different levels of awesomeness!

    Level 1

    You don’t know if you are moving to Boise but you are doing some reconnaissance homework and need more information.  You are not making any commitments to me, kind of like a blind date.

    This package has the insiders view of the Boise, Meridian, Nampa and Eagle areas, discounts from amazing businesses, welcome guide, events, swag and cool freebies.

    Level 2

    You know you are moving to the Boise area, you have been totally swept off your feet by the idea of working with me (Brett Hughes) and my company Boise Premier.  You are totally committed similar to getting engaged (that might be a stretch but you get the point)

    This is the VIP package, all the stuff the other package has but way better.  This one also includes a date package (movie tickets, dinners is on me) and secret stuff that I don’t even know about until I pull it out of the closet.


    Golden question…What do I have to do to get one of these life changing packages?


    1.  Call me or email and we can talk about your situation.

    2. Keep looking around at all the Real Estate websites in Boise, delay for 2 weeks why your spouse naggs you about what your moving plans are.  Search for hours re-finding my website and then Call me or email and we can talk about your situation.

    Easy choice if you ask me.