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  • I have the best career in the world.  Daily, getting a first hand look and ground floor access to the American dream in action!  Networking and giving back to my friends and clients through business referrals and sharing opportunities that I hear of is my favorite part of what I do.  My goal is connect my group to others that can help take each other to the next level. Over the past few years I have helped my friends purchase and sell, day cares, cleaning businesses, newspapers, carpet cleaning businesses, car lots, undervalued real estate and have personally introduced many future business partners to each other.

    Some of my claims to fame are:

    Arranging 4 marriages (including my own), Winning a talent show singing and dancing to an original “white man rap” patterned after 90s rap (I do have dvd footage of this), Following Boise State Football on road trips with my friends (traveling as far away as Oregon, Georgia, Arizona, Wyoming, Utah, and Nevada), Buying and Selling many kinds of businesses (even owning and selling a newspaper that serves the Horse industry), Loving (most) entrepreneurs and ALL underdogs, Surfing every day for two weeks in Hawaii, Playing full-contact 8-man city league football for six years, Getting drafted in the NFL (ok that is an absolute lie), Reading or listening to a book a month, and Completing a marathon that almost killed me

    Expect more from you real estate company

    When we Founded Boise Premier Real Estate, I wanted to create a company that I would love to work for.  Steve and I wanted our agents to have access to great online marketing, master mind sessions with top agents, monthly coaching, goal setting and focus on balanced personal lives.  We saw a need to focus on the experience for people buying and selling real estate by being boutique, using cutting edge technology, giving real estate agents excellent online tools, forming partnerships and ventures with fun community events and businesses.

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